Rijan Maharjan, our BHM graduate’s insights for Cabernet Franc Day

Greeting everyone Happy December and Merry Christmas, myself Rijan Maharjan.

I’m a BHM graduate in Hotel Management from ACA, Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management which is now set forth as Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (CLE). I’m in full support of this change as it will help new and upcoming entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. And I might as well mention that I’m a huge lover of beatboxing. 

On the journey within life, wine has been a great part since joining the industry. I should consider myself lucky to be part of wines as finding something that you like to do.

Back To Dates

So, Food and Wine have been within people’s life for a long back. The wine is a beautiful product from grapes people have been drinking and loving it and has been a part of the culture within European countries.

Since we respect every sip and love it let’s have a glance through Cabernet Franc (cab-err-nay-fruhn) as it’s December, 4th of December is celebrated as National Cabernet Franc day.

Wines have their own history if we go through the times it is seen that the production of grape and wine have related to mistake from human behavior which leads to new wine or vitis vinifera( means wine-producing grape).

The mutation is the close term when related to wine grapes, as the grape variety Moreno and Hondarribi Beltza were accidentally mutated.

Later around in 16 century Cabernet Franc got to the Bordeaux Region of France thanks to French statesman Cardinal Richelieu (9 September 1585- 4 December 1642). 

As a death legacy of honored Cardinal Richelieu, December 4 is celebrated as National Cabernet Franc day.

So thanks to the mutation today we have Cabernet sauvignon a most popular bold red wine grape which is born due to the mutation of Cabernet franc and sauvignon blanc.

Today Cabernet Franc can be found in most parts of the world’s hometown being France ( Loire valley and Bordeaux). A thin blue-black skinned grape have different names like Bordo, Bouchet, Breton, cabernet Franco producing wine that works fantastic in a blend or single varietal. It also produces wine that is silky sweet namely ice wine from Canada or sparkling wine from the Loire valley of France. 

Each wine is different from the other the taste component and appearance differ one wine from another.  Cabernet Franc is the parent grape of Cabernet Sauvignon still Cabernet Franc is light compared to Cabernet Sauvignon, making wine that has spices component fruity peppery and herbs finish. It helps to be good mouthfeel smooth tannin than Cabernet Sauvignon with good acidity.

Food and Cabernet Franc

As food and wines goes together as a mix we can pair Cabernet Franc with food with species or roasted item and meatball with tomato suace. Better to have after 30 minutes of decanting.

So it’s been a year I have been back to Nepal from UAE due to personal reasons. And it feels good to see the wine market in Nepal is growing slowly. I love to stick with wines love visiting wine shops and restaurants completed my WSET( wine and spirits education trust level II). I am still learning with these and still, more to learn in fact something with the culture in Nepal that I found is the sweet loving palate of the people nothing against people palate but suggest people try each type of wine from dry to sweet as each wine have own taste.

We do have a wine market growing slowly, the vesper in Jhamsikhel and Vino Bistro (Radisson road) is good with a good collection to try.

Happy National Cabernet Franc day,

Legacy to Honored Cardinal Richelieu.

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